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How will our Dining and Drinks Vouchers work?

Design My Night Guest Vouchers:

Step 1: Guests buy their UKGSOC – Design My Night Voucher  through ukgsoc.org and our trusted partner’s websites and will  choose a participating restaurant, bar, pub or cafe from the list of our partner operators to redeem their voucher at. Some of our operators are offering incentives to guests redeeming their UKGSOC voucher at their venue. (e.g. The Piano Works and Adventure Bars will double guest’s bar tab) Some will offer a free drink and others  the face value of the voucher only.

Step 2: Guest visits chosen restaurant, bar, pub or cafe and presents voucher when ordering

Step 3: Voucher will be scanned by a member of staff.

Step 4:  Guests enjoy their time out knowing by buying their UK GSOC Design My Night voucher they will have made a lovely donation of £ 2.50 to key workers! 

Step 5: Restaurant or bar will receive payments for their redeemed vouchers on a bi-weekly basis. 

Vouchers for key workers:

Eagle Eye powers The UK’s Grand Outdoor Summer Café key workers’ promotion to help hospitality venues post-lockdown

Leading marketing technology company, Eagle Eye in conjunction with Blue Light Card, is powering the promotions, making it easy for money raised to thank key workers to be securely redeemed via contactless voucher at participating venues of their choice.

Public donations to say ‘thank you’ also support operators in driving footfall traffic and sales, while increasing customer confidence to visit by raising awareness of key workers socialising in participating venues.


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