Operations update 1

Operations Update

Hi All,

The time has come to tell our customers about
our vision for the UK’s Grand Summer Outdoor Cafe.


The first part of our campaign has succeeded
and The Minister for Local Government is reported as saying he is considering
granting a blanket permission to allow tables and chairs outside
hospitality venues, subject to highway and safety concerns. 

This is great news and we now enter the second
stage of the campaign.

We are now generating a lot of press interest
in the idea of persuading the public to say thank you and donate money to
provide our frontline workers with complimentary vouchers to be used at our

The vouchers will be issued to our frontline
workers, the vouchers will have a value and bar code and can be used
at any of our venues. We have partnered with 
Eagle Eye
Solutions and Wireless Social to ensure the secure voucher
issuance and redemption is made as easy as possible for us all to take part.
The campaign will reimburse you 100%. of the value of the voucher.  If
the guest wants to spend more, they will pay the difference. T&Cs
to follow. If the Govt. fails to allow the blanket permission the vouchers can
be used inside. They will not have an expiry date.

This is the important part:  

We’d like you to contact your
databases and use your social media and ask your customers to visit the
campaign website which will take them to the Just Giving page.
Thank you all for your support and we have this
wonderful opportunity when our teams can get back  to work,  to thank
the public, reward our keyworkers and generate brand awareness and
income.for our venues.


Any questions please email ukgsoc.org

Warm wishes,

Alan Lorrimer.
The PIano Works
Ukgsoc Ltd.

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