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Henoch (2018). 40/1: Libraries and cultural memory - I. Frohlich

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DATA: 21/12/2018
ISBN: 9788837232696
AUTORE: I. Frohlich


Theme section/sezione monografica: An International Conference of the Doctoral School in History, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Pazmany Péter Catholic University. Ida Frohlich, Foreword. Markham J. Geller, Library or Archive in Qumran? The View From Mesopotamia. Dolores G. Kamrada, Kings and Ancestors. Ugaritic Libraries and Biblical Literature. Corrado Martone, From Universal to Sectarian. The Zadokites, Qumran, the Temple and Their Libraries. Armin Lange, The Qumran Library in Context. The Canonical History and Textual Standardization of the Hebrew Bible in Light of the Qumran Library. Devorah Dimant, The Library of Qumran. Variety Versus Unity. Ida Frohlich, The Qumran Library and Cultural Memory. Russell E. Fuller, Cultural Memory, the Qumran Libary, and Identity. Szabolcs Anzelm Szuromi, Exemplars of the Ecclesiastical Libraries at the Dawn of the High Middle Ages in Europe. Their Goals, Sources, and Pecularities. Kinga Dévényi, A Legacy of Islamic Presence. Manuscript Collections in Hungary. Avriel Bar-Levav, Libraries and Cultural Memory.

...simo in età antica e medievale : 40, 1, 2018 HENOCH (2018) ... Search Results: SAGE Journals ... . VOL. 40/1: LIBRARIES AND CULTURAL MEMORY Autore: Editore: Morcelliana ISBN: 9788837232696. Prezzo di listino: € 30,00 Prezzo scontato: € 25,50 Sconto: 15 % LIBERAZIONE. LA RISPOSTA ALL'INVITO DIVINO A TRASFORMARE IL MONDO Autore: Barros Marcelo Editore: Gabrielli Editori ISBN: ... Website of «Henoch», ... 2017.2. Short History. Subscriptions. Mappa del sito. Past Issues. Vol. XL 2018/1. Libraries an ... Dr Lyn Robinson | City, University of London ... . Mappa del sito. Past Issues. Vol. XL 2018/1. Libraries and Cultural Memory (ed. Ida Fröhlich) Vol. XXXIX 2017/2. Dangerous Books. Scribal Activity and Religious Boundaries in Late Antiquity and Beyond ... Henoch Journal, 16 lug 2014, 04:03. v.1. Dr Lyn Robinson, Reader in Library & Information Science, is an academic. Overview. Dr Robinson joined City University London in 2004. She is currently Head of the Department of Library & Information Science, CityLIS, and established and now directs the innovative Library School. Chief Editor, Pakistan Journal of Information Management & Libraries Chairperson, Department of Information Management (May 2015- May 2018) Chair, 2nd International Conference on Information Management & Libraries (ICIM&L, 2018) University of the Punjab (PU), Lahore. Pakistan. Fellowship as Professor, University of Tsukuba, Japan, 2013 This is a list of Confederate monuments and memorials that were established as public displays and symbols of the Confederate States of America (CSA), Confederate leaders, or Confederate soldiers of the American Civil War.Part of the commemoration of the American Civil War, these symbols include monuments and statues, flags, holidays and other observances, and the names of schools, roads ... Struggle libraries under cover, Cape Librarian, 50(3), May/June 2006: 10-14. Cultural bias and the nested model of context stratification for information seeking and retrieval, in Vicente P. Guerrero-Bote (ed.), Current Research in Information Sciences and Technologies: multidisciplinary approaches to global information systems. Search articles and journals on SAGE Journals. Access to society journal content varies across o...